Policy: Uniform and Appearance

As a DPS employee, it is important that you present a professional image to HMHS patients and visitors. A major focus for HMHS is patient satisfaction and the dress code complements the quality of service offered to the patients. The dress code is not intended to restrict employees, but to ensure that DPS maintains the highest standards of safety and professionalism. It is the employee’s responsibility to exercise good judgement in matters of appearance, attire, and grooming while on duty.


Each solution pool team member receives 1 uniform set upon hire at no cost to the employee. Additionally, each team member is required to purchase a second uniform set upon hire via payroll deduction.

Uniform set is defined as 1 scrub top and 1 scrub bottom. Cost for 1 full set is $47.00.

Dress Code

All Solution Pool members are required to be in their designated Houston Methodist uniform ANYTIME they are on-site at any HMH campus. It is imperative that all team members present themselves professionally at all times. Solution Pool members are to be a walking representation of professionalism, please note the following:

·         Acrylic Nails are not to be worn

·         Nails should be neat and clean

·         Natural Hair color must be worn at all times

·         Tattoos should be covered at all times

·         Uniforms should be pressed, neat and clean at all times

·         Houston Methodist ID Badge AND DPS Employee ID Badge must be worn at all time in a visible location with the unobstructed picture side of the badge displayed

·         Clean shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair; Neatly trimmed hair

·         Polished shoes or clean athletic shoes where appropriate

·         Appropriate leg wear

Designated Houston Methodist Solution Pool Uniform

Methodist Blue Scrubs with “Leading Medicine” Logo. Houston Methodist Scrub Jackets ONLY are only acceptable form of outer wear. 

Unacceptable Attire / Appearance

·         Blue Jeans or denim wear

·         Unclean or wrinkled clothing (including uniforms)

·         Blouses / shirts with open collars that provide inappropriate exposure, T-shirts

·         Bare Midriff tops, halters or mini-skirts

·         Untrimmed beards, sideburns or mustaches

·         Shaggy and unsightly hair, non-traditional hair coloring (green, blue, purple, etc.)

·         Excessively long and / or garishly colored finger nails

·         Excessive number of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings

·         Large dangling earrings

·         Exposed body piercing, facial (except for religious purposes) or tongue studs

·         Exposed tattoos (reasonable efforts should be made to cover tattoos, such as wearing long sleeves)

·         Hats / head coverings unless required for safety, hygiene or religious purposes

·         Frayed, ripped, stained or damaged uniforms

Dress Code Violation - Disciplinary Action Policy

·         First Violation – Employee is told by DPS staff or on-site manager to change clothes or remove items in question. If the employee must go home to change clothes, he or she will not be paid for time off work.

·         Second Violation – Employee is told by DPS staff or on-site manager to change clothes or remove items in question. Employee will not receive compensation for time off work to go home to change clothes. Written progressive correction notice which will be placed in the employee’s file.

·         Third Violation – Employee will receive further disciplinary action including probation, up to and including termination from the Solution pool.

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