Exclusive Staffing Pool &
Contingent Labor Provider

The DPS Solution Pool provides skilled temporary staff to the Houston Methodist Specialty Physician Group and Houston Methodist Primary Care Group during planned and unplanned absences and vacancies. We strive to add value and quality of care by providing staff trained in Methodist systems and ICARE Values.

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Who we are

Dean’s Professional Services is a national, award-winning staffing solutions provider. Our partnerships extend beyond traditional staffing into a more customized workforce solution focused on becoming a seamless extension of the client through understanding of the business and patient needs.

Since 2015, Dean’s Professional Services has managed the Houston Methodist Physician’s Organization’s Float Pool. Renamed the “DPS-Houston Methodist Solution Pool”, the DPS Team provides a customized program workflow that featured a branded website, training and on-boarding solutions, and reporting process that focuses on ensuring ease-of-use, streamlined service and communication for HMPO executives, administrators, managers and Solution Pool staff.

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Program Benefits

  • Provide a centralized provider for pool and non-pool staffing requests

  • Reporting on pool utilization, contingent labor costs, and vacancy needs

  • ACA compliant healthcare benefits for pool staff

  • Tech-based process for order management

  • Partnership with HM departments to provide a seamless on-boarding and training process

  • Quality Assurance program management

Program Milestones

  • 95% or higher fill rate monthly since inception

  • Increased overall quality of pool staff through Disciplinary and Quality Assurance Program

  • 1st Labor Provider for Houston Methodist to transition all MAs to CMAs through our partnership with National Healthcareers Association (NHA) to provide MA Certifications

  • Increased awareness of vacancy needs

  • Implementation of the DPS Solution Pool website with online order management tools, scheduling app, and staff intranet


DPS Solution Pool Program Management

Dean’s Professional Services provides a full service program for the Houston Methodist Physician’s Organization. Our program includes a full cycle of HR services to provide quality staff, service, and data. Our services are supported by a dedicated staffing team at Dean’s Professional Services, customized technology tools and reporting.

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Regional Solutions

Region-Based Management

In order to service the regions better, we have designated regional based sub-pools and initiatives based on management feedback. Our goal is to meet with each region monthly and determine what operational goals and services we can provide to enhance our program and to meet the needs of each specific region.