Program Solutions

Dean’s Professional Services provides a full service program for the Houston Methodist Physician’s Organization. Our program includes a full cycle of HR services to provide quality staff, service, and data. Our services are supported by a dedicated staffing team at Dean’s Professional Services, customized technology tools and reporting.

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Customized Sourcing and Recruiting

Dean’s Professional Services has an on-site marketing team that specializes in strategic recruiting solutions for the healthcare industry and specifically for Houston Methodist. Our major marketing channels includes a referral network and organic impressions through our website, social media platforms, job boards, and local community partners.

Additional Components:

  • Employee Benefits - DPS offers an array of benefits specific to the DPS Solution Pool - click for details.

  • Quick Apply Process

  • 5-Point Check System

Determining Applicant Viability

Recruiting and interviewing is only the beginning of our applicant vetting process for potential new Solution pool team members. We take the time to review and verify all essential qualifying factors for our applicants including specific skills necessary for Houston Methodist. Every applicant is processed through the DPS 5-Point Check System as well as Houston Methodist specific compliance requirements before being accepted into the Solution Pool.

  1. Interview

  2. Specialty Evaluation

  3. Background Check

  4. Education & License Verification

  5. Employment Verification

—> Click for more information about our 5-Point Check System.

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On-Boarding and Training

Our trained on-boarding and compliance team provides one-on-one on-boarding and compliance assistance to ensure all candidates have the necessary requirements to join the DPS Solution Pool. Once the compliance / healthcare screening requirements have been completed, candidates must complete a 1 week on-boarding and training process. This includes the following components:

  1. Houston Methodist compliance requirements

  2. DPS Standard Orientation

  3. DPS Houston Methodist Orientation

  4. EPIC Training

  5. Badge/ IT / Parking Access Granted

  6. Shadow Training (Regional-based and specialty specific if possible)

DPS Solution Pool / Houston Methodist Compliance Requirements

All incoming staff must complete the following compliance requirements in order to be placed in the pool.

  • Nicotine Screening

  • Drug Screen

  • Background Check

  • TB Skin Test

  • In-Season Flu Vaccine

DPS Standard Orientation Components

After the candidate is selected and compliance begins, the candidate is required to attend DPS Healthcare orientation, which includes the following:

  • Universal Precautions for Healthcare Professionals Video & Assessment

  • HIPAA basics for Providers Overview Packet & Assessment

  • Joint Commission Training Acknowledgement

  • Fingernail Hygiene Policy

  • Worker’s Comp Acknowledgement

  • Benefits Acknowledgement

  • Time and Attendance Procedures

  • DPS Professionalism Standards

  • OSHA Respirator Mask Fit

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Order and Schedule Management

The DPS Solution Pool website includes a custom order form for Houston Methodist managers / administrators to request staff. This “smart form” allows the DPS team to receive notifications and assist with prioritizing the incoming orders. Also, with this tool managers are able to place an order, track trends and review utilization.

Our order and schedule management functions include:

  • Online Request Form

  • Order Management

  • Employee online and mobile schedule app

  • Manager Schedule Notifications

  • Reporting - Data & Trend Analysis

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Quality Assurance Program

Dean’s Professional Services has instituted a consistent, cohesive quality assurance program for the DPS Solution Pool. The program includes the following components:

Quality Feedback Forms & Reporting

All data is collected and reported to the HMPO Executive Team

  • End of assignment evaluation (or after a 30 day period) are required for all pool staff members.

  • Site managers are asked to complete employee assessments at the end of each temporary pool assignment or after a 30 day period.

Quality Assurance Site Visits

  • High utilization sites are evaluated and visited monthly by the DPS project Manager

  • Clinical site visits are conducted quarterly, if a clinical issue arises, clinical remediation is immediately instituted.

  • Monthly regional meetings have been instituted to collect additional program feedback

Customized Reporting

Dean’s Professional Services provides customized reporting for the HMPO Leadership team and to managers and administrators as requested. The reports available include utilization, broken down by job title, region or site and cost.

To request a utilization report, email Trent Thompson, Staffing Coordinator at