Policy: Attendance

It is imperative that every employee be present when scheduled to fulfill customer expectations. This includes practicing good attendance habits. All employees should regard coming to work on time, working their shift as scheduled, and leaving at the scheduled time as essential functions of their jobs, i.e., good attendance habits form an integral part of every employee’s job description.

Definition of “walk off/abandonment”                 

    1. Walk off - If you think the job you have been assigned to is unsafe or you have a problem or concern, call the office. DO NOT walk off the job.   

b.      Resignation without Notice - Failure to provide Dean’s Professional Services with a 5 day notice before leaving a position is considered job abandonment.              

c.       No Call No Show – Failure to report your designated assignment without providing notice of absence is considered job abandonment.

Definition of Failure to notify DPS of your continued availability

d.      After your assignment has ended, it is your responsibility to call DPS and notify your Staffing coordinator of your availability. Failure to do so will be considered a voluntary resignation (and may affect unemployment benefits).

If you "walk off/abandon" a job, you will be terminated and paid the minimum wage for all unpaid hours worked.

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