Policy: Mileage Reimbursement

Standard Mileage rate and toll charge reimbursement is paid for any Solution Pool Team member that travels more than 20 miles one-way (40 miles roundtrip) to and from assignment location. Additionally, standard mileage rate and toll charge reimbursement is paid for any Solution Pool team member that travels to from site to site during the work day.

Policy: Fingernail Hygiene

Background Information: Recent scientific studies have shown that artificial nails and appliques worn by health care workers (HCWs) have been contaminated with germs (both bacteria and fungi) that have been passed to patients and caused serious infections. These studies have proven that hospital personnel with nail enhancements had more bacteria both before and after hand washing than did personnel with natural nails. For this reason, hand washing alone cannot suffice.


Policy: Attendance

It is imperative that every employee be present when scheduled to fulfill customer expectations. This includes practicing good attendance habits. All employees should regard coming to work on time, working their shift as scheduled, and leaving at the scheduled time as essential functions of their jobs, i.e., good attendance habits form an integral part of every employee’s job description.