Policy: Tobacco-Free Hiring Policy

Houston Methodist Hospital System has taken steps to promote a tobacco-free workplace through the implementation of tobacco-free campuses and to promote tobacco cessation education and resources to current employee as part of our commitment to health and wellness.

Dean’s Professional Services has adopted the tobacco-free workplace policy as a requirement of the contractual agreement with Houston Methodist. Dean’s Professional Services will only hire tobacco-free individuals to work for the DPS | Houston Methodist Solution Pool. This policy supports Houston Methodist’s role as a leading healthcare provider.

Job candidates will be informed of this policy during the application process and those selected for employment must undergo a nicotine screening in addition to testing for other controlled substances as part of the pre-employment requirements process.

Candidates who fail the nicotine screen will be informed when their job offer has been rescinded. After 90 days from the date the initial job offer was rescinded, the individual may apply and be considered for a Solution Pool position.

Tiffany Dean-WrightComment