As outlined in the HMPO Administrator meeting on September 1, 2016, all new assignment requests and extensions must be reviewed by the HMPO Executive team for approval.

DPS Solution Pool Partnership Agreement

The Solution Pool is not to be utilized as a staffing pool and does not act as a staffing agency / service. Assignment requests will be reviewed on a daily basis however if more information is needed, you may be required to participate in the Wednesday morning executive team meeting to provide greater detail before your assignment is approved. The intent for the Solution Pool is to provide department coverage during:

  • FMLA and LOA
  • Vacations
  • Gaps in employment due to resignations or terminations
  • Special Projects
  • New Clinic Set Up

If your assignment is not approved, you will be notified at that time.   If at any time during the new requisition approval review process you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Christopher Castillo with DPS at 713-785-7483 or to Pamela Ravare at 713-441-9752.    

If you wish to cancel your request prior to Executive review, please send notification immediately to solution. 

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