Program Benefits

  • Provide a centralized provider for pool and non-pool staffing requests

  • Reporting on pool utilization, contingent labor costs, and vacancy needs

  • ACA compliant healthcare benefits for pool staff

  • Tech-based process for order management

  • Partnership with HM departments to provide a seamless on-boarding and training process

  • Quality Assurance program management

Program Milestones

  • 95% or higher fill rate monthly since inception

  • Increased overall quality of pool staff through Disciplinary and Quality Assurance Program

  • 1st Labor Provider for Houston Methodist to transition all MAs to CMAs through our partnership with National Healthcareers Association (NHA) to provide MA Certifications

  • Increased awareness of vacancy needs

  • Implementation of the DPS Solution Pool website with online order management tools, scheduling app, and staff intranet