Athena E-Learning Portal 

The Athena E-Learning Portal is to be used before and after Athena Training. Below is a list of the recommended E-Learning Classes based on the scope of service. For more information contact Tiara Hunt at 713-785-7483 or 713-441-9747.

Patient Business Rep E-Learning Log In

Log In: edeans1

Password: $ummer2016

Clincal Staff E-Learning Log In

Log In: edeans2

Password: $ummer2016

Chart Abstraction E-Learning Log In

Log In: edeans3

Password: $ummer2016

Recommended Training Courses

Front Desk E-Learning Recommended Training Classes

  • COLL 101: Athena Collection Vision
  • COLL 102: Registration
  • COLL 103: Scheduling 
  • COLL 104: Adding Patient Insurance 
  • COLL 105: Pre-Visit 
  • COLL 110: Workflow Dashboard

Chart Abstraction Recommended E-Learning Training Classes

  • CLIN 104: Chart Abstraction

Clinical Recommended E-Learning Training Classes

  • CLIN 101: The Athena Vision
  • CLIN 102: The 5-Stage Patient Visit 
  • CLIN 103: Getting Started with AthenaClinicals 
  • CLIN 401: OB - Manage Pregnancy Documentation
  • CLIN 105: Check In 
  • CLIN 116: Provider Document Management 
  • CLIN 111: Check Out 
  • CLIN 115: Upload Documents and Export Charts

Download the Athena E-learning Tracking form to document your progress through the recommended classes.

How to Access E-Training Portal 

1. Click on AthenaHealth Learning Ports (bottom right corner)

step 1.png

2. Click on the "Library" Tab

3. Click on the "Advanced Search" Link

4. Select the Computer Icon on the left.


5. Type the name of the course in the search bar.